Gloss Babe S: Amazing from the Beginning

“My experience with the gloss shoot and the gloss girls was amazing from the beginning. the days leading up to and including the day of my shoot I was feeling gross, bloated and had no desire to have photos of myself taken, but as soon as I walked through the doors all those feeling went away. I was met with smiles and compliments and instantly felt my self-esteems rise. The girls listened to what exactly I wanted and offered suggestions to help achieve that. I loved the make up application. She listened to me and helped me feel like myself and glam at the same time.

Marcie was amazing to work with. Her energy is so contagious, it is hard not to join in. I felt completely at ease and absolutely stunning. I love how my photos turned out and would recommend everyone jump on this experience!” ~Gloss Babe S
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“I love gloss’ work. My friends have shot with Marcee and I love all her photos. My best memories from my shoot are Marcee’s reactions to the poses and shots she takes. She makes you feel amazing! I love everything you do! And keep up the amazing work!” ~Gloss Babe S
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“I love that Gloss is a community and their goal is building up women. You can see the joy that the studio has to be helping make women feel confident and look sexy.” ~Gloss Babe S
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