Gloss Babe M: Glam Session


“My favourite part of the Glam Session was Marcee tightening the corset of my Grad Dress and seeing the vision come together in the mirror. It was very emotional for me. Kelsey had done an incredible job with my face and everything together was just a vision. An important moment for me. These photos were going to help me come out to the world as Bi. Gloss didn’t know it at the time, but they played a big part in capturing a new chapter in my life. A more authentic me. When I first wore the dress I was tiny and scared, unsure of the world and what any of those thoughts or feelings meant for me. When I was in that dress in Gloss studios, I was grown, confident in who I was, where I wanted to go in life and ready to share all of that with the world. Marcee didn’t know how much I needed her kind and excited words during that time. It was a scary move forward coming out but I don’t regret a thing. These photos I will look back on with pride and joy. Thanks Gloss for being a part of this new chapter in my life.” ~Gloss Babe M

Glam photoshootGlam photoshootGlam photoshoot

“Before the shoot I was nervous. The pandemic was not kind to my body and it changed a bit, enough that I wasn’t as confident as I was my first shoot. I loved my dresses though. I was especially excited to photograph my high-school graduation again 10 years later. It meant a lot to me. And then seeing myself in the mirror with my hair, makeup, jewelry, dress and shoes. I felt so beautiful. It also helps that Marcee will gush over you the entire time!” ~Gloss Babe M

Glam photoshootGlam photoshootGlam photoshoot

“”This was my second shoot with Gloss. I had been saving to do another one for a while, I’ve decided I’d like to do one at-least every year! When they announced the Glam shoot I knew I needed to do that one. I was so excited to play dress up and feel that incredible glow and confidence you get being in Gloss Studios! After shooting with Marcee and working with the team at Gloss you know the quality and care that gets put into every individuals time. That level of care is why I chose Gloss and why I’ll keep returning!” ~Gloss Babe M

Glam photoshootGlam photoshootGlam photoshoot

“The team at Gloss has put considerable thought into their product. I know it’ can be scary to trust strangers with something as intimate as photographing yourself in underwear or nothing at all but they really know what they are doing. They know how to put you at ease and make you feel like you are the most beautiful creature that ever walked the earth. Trust them, it’s worth it.” ~Gloss Babe M

Glam photoshootGlam photoshoot

We’re SO thankful to Gloss Babe M for sharing her story and allowing Gloss to capture this new chapter in her life!

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