Gloss Babe C: Honour myself

“I’ve been very cocooned and focused on parenting the children during a high conflict divorce. I’m feeling a shift coming up so wanted to honour myself. Gloss came highly recommended by friends for being so welcoming and supportive plus producing such amazing photos. I adore all the sets and backdrops. Before the shoot I was feeling excited. I loved that I could relax and trust Marcee and the team had everything under control yet I could provide my input if I wanted … perfect balance” ~Gloss Babe C

a woman honouring herselfa woman honouring herself

“I allowed the team to take behind the scenes footage during my shoot and seeing the video taken for the behind the scenes was so stunning that it made me even more excited to see the photos. If you’re considering a shoot Go for it! You won’t regret it.” ~Gloss Babe C

a woman honouring herselfa woman honouring herself

Ready to take the plunge? We want you to honour yourself in the same way Gloss Babe C did. CLICK HERE to inquire.

Beautiful Gloss Babe C got all of her outfits at clothing swaps!  A great way to recycle items you won’t regularly wear and collect some new gems! But as always, when in doubt, bring items that make you feel amazing and you can never go wrong!

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    downtown vancouver, bc

    Downtown Vancouver, BC