Gloss Babe J: drop all the excuses

“I have been thinking of doing a boudoir session for awhile but found all the excuses not to….lose some more weight, the look doesn’t fit me, I need more confidence, find the right thing to wear, I can’t afford it….but when the opportunity to work with Bre as a learning artist came up I just wanted to drop all the excuses and decided to go for it…no special occasion, no milestone and not doing it for anyone else but myself. So I booked it and am so glad I did.” ~Gloss Babe J

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“I first heard of Gloss through Kelly who I had met through Army of Sass/Luminesque and have since seen many of my dance friends and mentors do boudoir sessions and have heard many times over how comfortable they felt and were well looked after. The pictures were spectacular but the trust that was built with so many was a bigger factor in my choice.” ~Gloss Babe J

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“My favourite part of the shoot was collaborating with Bre. I love working with artists learning their craft and being part of their creative growth. She had so much excitement and energy and the willingness to explore different positions/postures. I trusted her with my first look, which was my ‘softer’ outfit because I wasn’t as comfortable with that side of myself and she was great in instructing me and making me feel good about how my body was positioned for the photos but the BEST part was when I changed in my second look, which was my ‘harder’ outfit and the one I was more comfortable with, Bre admitted she had little experience with how to shoot it but trusted that I knew what I wanted to do and got excited and went with it and they turned out amazing. Shooting with her made me feel so comfortable and confident to explore both my masculine and feminine energies.” ~Gloss Babe J

boudoir vancouverdropping all the excuses and just doing it!

“Use this as a time to explore different sides of yourself, the dark, the light, the silly, the goofy, the nerdy, the glamour. Don’t be afraid to unleash yourself in that room! My best memory from the day was feeling powerful in both my soft and hard looks and watching myself being transformed in the mirror.” ~Gloss Babe J

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