Gloss Babe J: Uplifting

Everyone needs an uplifting experience these days to put the past 2 years behind us and focus on all the good stuff that has come out of surviving a pandemic! Most of our clients lately are telling us that there is no better time than now to celebrate ourselves and this season in our lives. Self care and self love is more important than ever and Gloss wants to help guide you thorough this incredible experience!

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We LOVE that Gloss Babe J brought in some gorgeous colours and textures with her outfit selections and designing her fine art album was such a pleasure with how many unique poses and outfit selections there were to choose from!

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Images you’l cherish for a lifetime!

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Have a vintage fur in the back of your wardrobe? This is the time to bring it out! The look is timeless, classic and totally Old Hollywood Glam!

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We’re excited to show you what an uplifting experience a boudoir session can be. When you are ready to book, get in touch with us HERE! If you’re still nervous or hesitant for any reason, we suggest reading through our Google Reviews to see what other clients are saying about their time at Gloss!