Gloss Babe K: Part One

We had to do this incredible post in two parts because with this 2 hour shoot here are just too many INCREDIBLE images not to share them all! And without further ado, here is Part One!

“I had been following Gloss for years. I grew up as a dancer and I am now a full time performer and teacher. The idea of being in front of a camera felt comfortable but there was a self acceptance and encouragement piece that was missing for me. Covid brought me to realize how beautiful this industry and career can be and I wanted to remember that growth for myself by stepping into an uncomfortable comfort zone.” ~Gloss Babe K

Part one of our Feature postPart one of our Feature post

“I had seen the art that Gloss has continued to create and I heard from many individuals that there is real magic in the room and how the magic is everlasting. They couldn’t have been more right. The Gloss babes are absolutely incredible at creating a holistic experience of self empowerment.” ~Gloss Babe K

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“I knew that so many beautiful women had passed through the doors that I felt a sense of aw yet intimidation. I packed, then packed again, then packed again. I emailed so many questions, completely over packed, but the Gloss babes were incredibly helpful and the second I stepped through the doors any feelings or preconceived ideas I had melted away! Before I knew it I had this wild self confidence and stunning photos!” ~Gloss Babe K

“It is so hard to chose just one thing but the self love I felt right away by getting my make up done was incredible. Kelsey did an incredible job. I don’t wear much make up during the week, if any at all, so having the opportunity to sit and feel so beautiful gave me the trust I needed to take some spicy photos.” ~Gloss Babe K

Part one of our Feature postPart one of our Feature post

“I’d tell anyone considering a shoot at Gloss that you deserve it babe! Things come and go, life changes quickly and I believe self growth deserves to be celebrated and this is the place to do so. If you are having doubts, limiting beliefs, or anxiety, so did I and trust me when I say it was the best feeling having it melt away the second I met the Gloss babes!” ~Gloss Babe K

Part one of our Feature post

“My favourite memory was the commentary from the Gloss Babes. They direct your every move in such an encouraging way It was clear that every click of that camera counted and Marcee took the time to direct you into something you will be wowed at! JUST DO IT!!!!!!” ~Gloss Babe K

Part one of our Feature post

We’re downright OBSESSED with Part One of Gloss Babe K’s session. Stay tuned for Part two!

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