Gloss Babe H: Ponytail Chic!

This session is Ponytail Chic!

Gloss Babe H was back for her third shoot with Gloss and we’re obsessed with the look she went for this time around! The Ponytail adds a different flair to her outfits and perfectly highlights her face!

A beautiful ponytail on a glamorous womanboudoir vancouver

Remember that if you’re interested in a look like this that you’ll need to purchase a ponytail to bring with you! Real hair unfortunately just doesn’t so it justice on camera… A thick, full pony is perfection, however! Here is our favourite ponytail on the market! Ponytail Chic! We suggest to attempt this style if you’ve shot a few times with us before, as we typically love to have your hair loose so you can play with it during posing 🙂

A beautiful ponytail on a glamorous womanboudoir vancouver

Are you interested to know why our clients keep coming back for 2, 3, 6 shoots with Gloss? Gloss is constantly pushing the boundaries of our own work, coming up with new set ideas and poses as well as our clients really understand that to have immense self love you have to spend energy on yourself in every form that feels right to you. For our clients it’s photoshoots, getting glammed up, feeling powerful and spending the day with our fun and inviting team!

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