Gloss Babe H: So Hot

“Oh My God!! You ladies made me look and feel SO HOT. I truly thought I’d be lucky if one photo turned out how I imagined and instead I struggled to pick my 20 faves. I’ve printed and framed a couple just for myself. I can’t honestly explain how great I felt and STILL feel about myself after this experience, months later. I am telling anyone that will listen about you and that they absolutely must do this for themselves. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, really, thank you so much! ” ~Gloss Babe H

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

We are loving this pretty floral robe that Gloss Babe H brought in. Always check your closet first to see if there is anything you can repurpose!

A client feeling so hot!boudoir vancouver

We’re always so grateful when clients allow us to share some (or all!) of their images. Always shared with permission.

A client feeling so hot!boudoir vancouver

We’d LOVE to see you in the studio and help you see yourself as So Hot just like Gloss Babe H! Have you been feeling stuck lately? Want to step outside your comfort zone? Or are you feeling the need to have an exhilarating experience? The team at Gloss is ready to help you reclaim your power and start this new season of your life!

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