Gloss Babe C: Obvious Choice

“This was my second time at Gloss. I found my first experience very comfortable and fun. Plus the photos looked amazing so it was an obvious choice to come back as I had some new ideas and new garments I was hoping to showcase. If you are interested, just do it. You don’t need to look a certain way, have certain clothing, or even feel particularly beautiful. The process draws out the beauty from everyone.” ~Gloss Babe C

Was this clients obvious choice to visit gloss againboudoir vancouver

“I came into the studio flustered. It had been busy traffic and a busy few days beforehand. I was not sure I would be able to create the photos I envisioned but my favourite thing about Gloss is the people. Kelsey and Marcee were calming and communicative. Kelsey listened to my preferences and created a beautiful make up look for me. Marcee took a lot of time listening and planning out our photos. They are both wonderful humans.” ~Gloss Babe C

boudoir vancouver

boudoir vancouver

“At one point I was ruffling my pink boa in the room and a small teal feather floated by in the sunlight. We recognized it from a fancy robe that Portia, a lovely dance instructor, had been wearing in the studio a few days before. The feather gave me a feeling that I was in a place of glamour, beauty, and magic.” ~Gloss Babe C

boudoir vancouver

boudoir vancouver

We want to see YOU in our studio! Yes, YOU! If you have any questions for us or you are ready to book, click HERE!

And we know we’re going to get a ton of questions about where Gloss Babe C got her outfits so check them out here:

Feather boas from @fancyfeathercom, Lingerie from torrid,  Pink boa from @arielhelvetica,  Red boa was made by Gloss Babe C!

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