Gloss Babe F: Self Love Train!

“I booked a boudoir shoot because I was wanting a confidence boost, wanted to get on the self love train, start to get in touch with my authentic self. I wanted to really celebrate my growth and success over the last year. I chose Gloss as my studio because I’ve followed on Instagram for over a year, always impressed with the images that get shared that make boudoir look classy and fun. Also so much positive feedback from previous clients too!” ~Gloss Babe F

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“Before my shoot I was feeling mix of nerves and excitement. I knew I’d walk in there and have such good energy and feel empowerment thru the shoot and after. The nerves came from just not knowing what the outfits/hair/makeup all put together would look like but just excited to be there doing something for my damn self.” Gloss Babe F

boudoir vancouverA woman has a session at Gloss to tap into self love

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boudoir vancouver

“I would tell someone who’s considering a boudoir shoot with Gloss to just do it! Channel your inner celebrity and enjoy feeling like a star in the moment. You deserve to feel beautiful and glow!” ~Gloss Babe F

boudoir vancouverA woman has a session at Gloss to tap into self love

Are you ready to get on the self love train?! We’d love to help you celebrate this time in your life. See our packages and pricing HERE!

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