Gloss Babe J: 5 Sessions at Gloss!


Ever wonder why someone would have 5 sessions at Gloss? The answer is simple… you just feel GREAT afterwards! Gloss Babe J came in for her first session in 2020 and was hooked! The feeling of empowerment, confidence building and FUN that Gloss gives each client is attainable for everyone who tries boudoir and we KNOW it can be an addicting experience. We ALWAYS suggest a 90 minute (minimum) session for your first experience at Gloss. This allows for sufficient time to warm up in front of the camera and get comfortable with your photographer, as well as achieve a great variety of poses. This will ensure an amazing collection of images for you to choose from. If this is your first time in front of a camera, or you’re feeling particularly nervous, we highly recommend The Glossy 90 minute package

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

Once you’ve been in for 1 or 2 sessions and the nerves are gone feel free to book any package that works best for you. Sometimes you just need a pick me up in the middle of the year, or a celebratory shoot for your birthday. We have lots of packages and add-ons available for any type of reason to visit Gloss!

a client comes back for her 5th Gloss photoshootboudoir vancouvera client comes back for her 5th Gloss photoshootboudoir vancouver

Whether you’re looking for a playful, light session or a super sexy, sultry look, our lead photographer Marcee will create the perfect images for you. Clients come back time and time again to try different visions, gets shots in new outfits or tap into something a bit sexier than before.

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouvera client comes back for her 5th Gloss photoshoot

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

Whatever you do, don’t forget to add on our Lifestyle add-on. Available to add on to any boudoir package, take advantage of the fact that you have your hair and makeup professionally done and get some great shots for social media, to update your website or to share with your family!

a client comes back for her 5th Gloss photoshootboudoir vancouver

Want to see more Lifestyle images? Click HERE! If you’re still needing more research, watch our behind the scenes video on our Instagram!

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