Gloss Babe M: Ego Boost

“This was my third time shooting with Gloss, 4th boudoir session. I’m plus size and in my mid-50s, so it took a small bit of courage to contemplate this the first time … I’m so glad I did it! The shoots are always a fun couple hours, it’s great to play around with hair, makeup, and outfits, it’s an ego boost for me, and a great treat for my bf! I have always had such fun with Gloss – professional, friendly, and the photos are beautiful!” ~Gloss Babe M

boudoir vancouverClient getting a boost to her ego!

“Before the shoot I was running late so I was stressed! But as soon as I walked in the door, all was well – I had a really great time! I love that Marcee is so willing to work with client ideas and then adds her own experience to the mix to make the ultimate results fantastic!” ~Gloss Babe M

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“I’d tell someone looking into a boudoir shoot to just Dooooo it ! It is so worth the investment of time and money for the fantastic results. I absolutely loved just laughing and having fun throughout the day!” ~Gloss Babe M

boudoir vancouver

Are YOU ready for an ego boost? You truly DESERVE one! At Gloss we’ll give you that and a whole lot more! Book yourself in before your preferred date is sold out!

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