Gloss Babe M: Love and embrace

“I had been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot for awhile, but when I received news I would need a double mastectomy, I took that as a sign to get some photos done and enjoy the body I have, I wanted a way to love and embrace it. Every boudoir website or Instagram I looked at only had photos of thin clients posted. I found that Gloss had such a huge variety of body shapes and sizes, seeing that is what made me choose Gloss because I knew I would feel comfortable with them taking photos of me and my curvy body. Before the session I was nervous, unsure if I would be comfortable or have a good time. However I was also excited for the experience and proud of myself for walking through the door.” ~Gloss Babe M

life changing newslife changing news

“The most memorable part of the session was The direction!! I’m useless when it comes to posing “sexy” or in a “beautiful” way. The direction was phenomenal!! I’ve got nothing to say other than thank you! You were both so incredibly wonderful, welcoming and a absolute joy to be around” ~Gloss Babe M

boudoir vancouver

boudoir vancouver

“To anyone on the fence JUST DO IT!! haha no but seriously do it, you won’t regret it and you’ll have memories to look back on, to enjoy a time where you did something for yourself! As weird as it sounds, it was so memorable when I left. I walked through the door nervous and unsure and I left through the door confident, feeling sexy and smiling ear to ear. I’ve never felt so good about myself!” ~Gloss Babe M

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