Gloss Babe P: beauty and grace

“I had my first session with Gloss in 2015. At that time I was in an abusive relationship and Gloss gave me a brief moment of beauty and grace amidst turmoil and conflict. Since that relationship has ended many moons ago, I’ve always wanted to do another shoot in a more confident headspace, with the support of my loved ones. I’ve decided with this boudoir session to emulate power and confidence so that I can look back and remind myself that I’m only getting more beautiful , confident and stronger every year.”~Gloss Babe P

Finding beauty in yourself as you matureFinding beauty in yourself as you matureboudoir vancouver

“Since I’ve done my first session with Gloss and had such a great time, there was no reason to stray away from perfection! I knew that I was going to be in good hands so I was able to focus on taking care of myself without having to worry about the shoot itself. Compared to my first session where I didn’t know what to expect, this time I was definitely more relaxed, had my own vision of the shoot and pampered myself!” ~Gloss Babe P

Finding beauty in yourself as you matureboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverFinding beauty in yourself as you mature

“The shoot was the bonus but the chats with Kelsey and Marcee was my favourite! Both of them have this magical ability To put anyone at ease, safe and Comfortable.” ~Gloss Babe P

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“My favourite memory from the session was my vision coming to life. I wanted to wear a black blazer with just an underwear and sexy heels and I got so much more than what I expected. I was joking with Marcee and Kelsey that I wanted to look like I own 51% percent of a company. When the hair and make up and the outfit was all put together and the shoot was in place, Ooooh mama, I looked and felt I had full control of not a company but an empire. I’m still on adrenaline rush from the shoot. You ladies are just the best and thank you for doing what you do. Sometimes women forget our value and worth and this is such a good reminder for us that confidence and power comes from within. Thank you for bringing it out.” ~Gloss Babe P

Finding beauty in yourself as you mature

Check out this hilarious outtake from Gloss Babe P’s session. She was a hoot and we absolutely LOVED her energy. She is definitely filled to the brim with beauty and grace!

boudoir vancouver

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