Gloss Babe T: first real photoshoot

First Real Photoshoot Vibes!

“It was my first time not only doing a Gloss shoot but also my first real photoshoot. I didn’t know what to expect, what to do or what I wanted. But instagram shot after Instagram shot and person after person kept telling that doing a Gloss shoot was going to be the best thing ever.” ~Gloss Babe T

client has her first real photoshoot

We’re obsessed with this stunning hair and makeup look that Tarah did on Gloss Babe T! Our artists are the best in Vancouver and can execute any look you’re after!

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“Everyone at Gloss gave me full control. And I thought wouldn’t that be a great birthday gift to myself, to take a chance on being able to see myself in photos the same way the amazing people in life see me.” ~Gloss Babe T

client has her first real photoshootboudoir vancouver

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“Everyone on the Gloss team is so lovely and welcoming. I had so much fun and we laughed a lot. I felt extremely taken care of!” ~Gloss Babe T

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

client has her first real photoshootboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverclient has her first real photoshoot

Are you ready to have your first real photoshoot like Gloss Babe T describes in her testimonial? If so, get in contact HERE and let us show you just how incredibly beautiful you really are! Want to see some behind the scenes of this stunning shoot? Check out our Instagram HERE!

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