Gloss Babe B: Confidence to book

“I have wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a while to have beautiful sexy photos to surprise my husband with! I also wanted to do it for myself to capture me in my skin as I am, with a little extra pizazz of course!… to be able to look back on them and remember just how gorgeous I looked that day! It just took me a while to get up the confidence to book it! A friend of mine had her boudoir shoot with Gloss a few years ago and I thought her pictures were amazing. I also really like the style and quality of the photos. My friend highly recommended Gloss and could not say enough about how wonderful her experience was.

I knew I needed to book with Gloss!” ~Gloss Babe B

boudoir vancouver

Confidence building at Gloss Boudoir Studio

“I loved the hair and makeup, Kelsey made me look phenomenal! I also loved how Marcee helped me to feel so comfortable, she is so great to talk to, and she made me feel confident in my own skin. Before the shoot I was excited but also nervous and just hoping I could look sexy and not awkward! during the shoot I felt incredible and beautiful. I was so excited to see the photos!!” ~Gloss Babe B

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“I don’t think I could pick one favourite memory, I loved it all!!! Just do it! You will love the experience!” ~Gloss Babe B

Confidence building at Gloss Boudoir StudioConfidence building at Gloss Boudoir Studio

I hope this post has give you the confidence to book your own boudoir shoot with us at Gloss! Want to see more behind the scenes content form our sessions? Click HERE! Have more questions or are ready to book? You can get in touch with us HERE!

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