Gloss Babe E: Feel sexy!

“I realized I had never booked a photoshoot for myself, not even a professional one, and I thought I deserved one. I wanted to celebrate my body, myself and my achievements. I wanted to celebrate being in my 30’s and wanted to feel sexy! I have a lot of dance friends who have done photoshoots with Gloss and I have loved every photo! I also follow Gloss on instagram love seeing the outfits and angles in the photos. Based on the testimonials and reels I got the sense that the team were very professional, talented and accommodating. It seemed like it would be well organized and have my best interest at heart. Not to mention that it looked like a fun team to work with and be led by!” ~Gloss Babe E

Most of our clients add on our Lifestyle images so they can take advantage of having their hair and makeup done to get some professional headshots for work, or more casual photos to share on social!

boudoir vancouver

“I loved the make up Kelsey did for me! I did not have the words to describe what I wanted and she was able to read me well enough to give me the best make up I could have envisioned for myself. She made me feel so beautiful!!!” ~Gloss Babe E

This client chose Gloss to tap into her sexy! boudoir vancouver

“I was quite nervous. I was worried I hadn’t picked the best outfits or that I would look too tense in the pictures! I was thinking that I hope the photographer would approve of my outfits haha! but once I was there my favourite part was MARCEE. From the moment I met her she melted me right away. She was genuinely interested in me and my vision for the shoot. She made me feel so well taken care of and so safe! She was so fun and entertaining to be around. I loved how much direction and validation she gave me. Her excitement and enthusiasm made me forget I ever had nerves and I was soooo comfortable with her. I felt I could really trust her throughout the process! I did not want the photo shoot to end!” ~Gloss Babe E

This client chose Gloss to tap into her sexy!

“If even a bit of you wants to do a shoot, BOOK IT. You will not regret it. In fact, you will want to do another right away. You may feel the nerves before you shoot but as soon as you meet the ladies in charge you will feel relaxed and excited for the process. They will guide you the whole way through and make you feel so confident and sexy! Gloss, Thank you so much for what you do! You have a great team, a beautiful studio and are so professional and organized!” ~Gloss babe E

Even though Gloss Babe E walked away with MANY more images than the few images shown here, we always respect when clients are ok to share some photos and want to keep the rest private! Thank you for allowing us to share Gloss Babe E!

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