Gloss Babe M: 4th Boudoir Session!


Gloss Babe M is a rockstar and always brings amazing energy, cool outfits and good vibes! This is Gloss Babe M’s 4th Boudoir Session with Gloss and they just keep getting better and better! Take a scroll and check out THOSE boots, our jaw dropped when we saw them and instantly Marcee knew what kind of poses she wanted to do!

So many people who have never done a session with us don’t understand the reason why someone would come back for 4 Boudoir sessions (or 8th boudoir sessions!) but we always say… try it once and you’ll be hooked! The session makes you feel empowered, beautiful and confident and who wouldn’t want that all the time?!

Thank you Gloss Babe M for allowing us to share your gorgeous shots!

4th time at Gloss Boudoirboudoir vancouver4th time at Gloss Boudoirboudoir vancouver

Note to Self: ALWAYS add on the White Sheets!

4th time at Gloss Boudoirboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver4th time at Gloss Boudoirboudoir vancouver

Pick up boots like Gloss Babe M’s at Deadly Couture or Model Express! And make sure to follow this Gloss Babe on her Burlesque journey HERE! All of her performances are listed on her instagram and we encourage you to attend a show and support our local arts!

Ready to book your own experience and find out why a client would come back for a 4th boudoir session with us? Contact us HERE!


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