Gloss Babe J: Sparkly Gems

“If you can do a shoot with Gloss, do it! We all could use more pictures and experiences that make us feel like a sparkly gem!” ~Gloss Babe J

Beautiful sparkly clientboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“Through burlesque, I heard about Gloss Boudoir and decided it was something I absolutely wanted to do. Not only to have to capture some of my burlesque persona, but also because I have tussled with my body so much for most of my 20s, as part of an eating disorder, and burlesque and this time in my life has been a really healing and powerful space where I’ve been fortunate to build tools and a desire to care for my body/self and AH I just want to celebrate that, you know?!” ~ Gloss Babe J

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“I was definitely nervous about expectations of me, not having done a photoshoot before, posing, etc. but I love the pictures you take and how you capture peoples’ unique shine. I also, from other burlesque babes, had heard such good things about the experience and how comfortable, confident and at ease the Gloss team made them feel!” ~Gloss Babe J

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“My favourite thing about the shoot was the staff!!! They were so amazing and kind and just really cheered me on and that made all of the difference and made it really fun. In some ways, it felt like hanging out with a

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

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