Gloss Babe K: Authenticity

“I chose to do a shoot with Gloss because I wanted to capture this moment in my burlesque journey and honour myself as an artist. The Gloss girls delivered an experience that truly felt like it was all about me! They take extra care to prioritize your needs as a person, lending an ere of authenticity to their work that felt truly collaborative and made me feel like a beautiful princess and a badass boss all at once!” ~Gloss Babe K

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

This robe is to die for and the colour on Gloss babe K is so stunning. We love when burlesque clients come in to create content because their outfits are always Next. Level. If you are wanting a tulle robe that looks as stunning as this one, try Reathua, her designs are jaw dropping!

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

Authenticity is what we strive for in every session. We want you to feel like YOU in your images. We have worked hard to find the perfect melding of a fun and exciting experience with a sexy and sensual outcome. Are you ready to book your experience with Gloss? Get in contact with us HERE!

Once you book we’ll walk you through the entire experience, no need to feel nervous!

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