Gloss Babe J: bridal boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Gloss babe J came to Gloss for her second session as a gift for her fiance on their wedding day. When Gloss Babe J first came to us in 2019 she expressed that she had been feeling some low points and really wanted to see herself in a new light. After her session she felt her confidence grow and was amazed at how much she loved the photos. Here’s what she had to say after her first session at Gloss:

“When I saw my photos for the first time, my jaw literally dropped!!! I feel so much more confident now and I LOVE the photos! I would tell anyone else considering shoot to DO IT!!! Best decision you will make! I was on and off thinking about doing it for 2 years and I wish I did it sooner!”

We’re SO excited that she chose to come back a second time and give both her fiance and herself an incredible bridal boudoir gift that will last a lifetime!

We love a bridal boudoir session. Elegant and beautiful and always the perfect gift for your partner. We suggest brining a veil in if you really want the bridal look!

The White Sheets have quickly become our number 1 add-on! You can add them to any session and you get an extra 15 minutes of shooting time with us! The Sheets look incredible on everyone and create a classic and timeless vibe that will withstand the test of time. Ready to book your session with Gloss? Contact us HERE!

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