Gloss Babe S: Don’t Wait!

Don’t Wait!

“After my first shoot with Gloss, I knew it wouldn’t be my last! This time, I promised myself I wouldn’t go on any weird or extreme diets to drop a few pounds beforehand to look “perfect.” Instead, I promised to honour my healthy body as it is now and capture the full beauty of being 40! I loved this session even more than the last and felt like I really steeped myself in my feminine power…

ka-pow!” ~Gloss babe S

Don't wait to celebrate yourself!boudoir vancouver

“I chose Gloss because Gloss is the best! I know I’m in good hands with Marcee and the Gloss team! I felt more comfortable this time around because I knew what to expect. I felt amazing going into the shoot and like a million bucks when I left!” ~Gloss Babe S

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

boudoir vancouver

“I loved getting glam! Is there anything better than getting your hair and makeup done by a pro? I love seeing the transformation and feeling like a goddess.  Don’t wait! Don’t put it off until you’re the “right” weight or size. You are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated as you are! Marcee and the Glam Team will make you feel like the goddess you are, and you’ll be SO happy you did it! I loved the feeling I had when I put on my first outfit and looked in the mirror with my hair and makeup done. I was so proud of showing up for myself and celebrating my body.” ~Gloss Babe S

boudoir vancouver

boudoir vancouver

We love Gloss Babe S’s advice. Don’t wait until you have the “perfect body” or have a partner or whatever is holding you back. You DESERVE to celebrate yourself and feel good in your own skin.

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