Gloss Babe B: New Mindset

“I decided to do a boudoir session because I made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the year to honour the body I’ve got and celebrate what it does for me every day. Most of this work has been to refocus on aspects of my physical self that have nothing to do with how it looks. I’ve gotten stronger and fitter, and I can do all the sports and activities I enjoy. I also cut all my hair off and started presenting in a way that felt true to myself. All that was left was to get some physical record of these mentality changes I’ve made and get some photos taken to mark the occasion. Plus I always disliked being photographed, so it was sort of a test to see if I had really embodied the new mindset.” ~Gloss Babe B

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“I chose Gloss because a lot of the reviews mentioned how easy-going Marcee made them feel and how having specific direction really helped with the “I don’t know how to pose for a photo without being weird” feelings. Plus all the photos on my Instagram feed were so beautiful with such a diverse range of bodies shown. I also picked Gloss because the photos and the studio looked soft and bright and cheerful. A lot of the other studios I looked into had a more noir, edgy feel, that didn’t have that soft comfortable quality I was looking for.” ~Gloss Babe B

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“I think I liked chatting with Marcee the most. From the make-up chair to the shooting process, it all sort of felt like I was hanging out with a friend. It’s also just enjoyable to hear someone hype you up and tell you that you look hot and gorgeous for an hour straight, ya know? I started to believe it before long! Having someone be super judgment-free and just happy to vibe along is just great. Especially if you’re dragging a sheet around naked and trying not to feel like a clumsy weirdo.” ~Gloss Babe B

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“Honestly do it for you. Don’t do it for anyone else, just for you. If anything it’s just a fun experience, and having a set of pictures that you look hot in is just a happy byproduct.” ~Gloss babe B

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“As someone who presents quite masculine and works pretty hard in shaping my muscles to look strong, I kinda wanted to find a few poses that would highlight those features a bit. I want to see a diverse gender expression in the portfolio so that more people like me could find Gloss in their feeds and feel like they could have a boudoir experience like that as well because they’ve seen examples of people who look and express like them.” ~Gloss Babe B

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Are you working on a new mindset in your life and are ready to celebrate all the amazing emotional and physical changes you’re going through? We’re here to capture this next chapter for you!

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