Gloss Babe V: Mama to be

Mama To Be

“My first shoot with Gloss was way back nearly 8 years ago! There have been a few more since! I have evolved through many different versions of myself that I love having a beautiful Gloss capture of. My fav shoot though was always my maternity shoot with my first daughter. So when I found out I was having my second baby (a boy!) I wanted to make sure I took the time to shoot with Gloss one more time. These moments in between our growth and evolution, are sacred and deserve to be memorialized. Looking back at the versions of myself in these photos, I feel proud of how far I have come and grateful for how much my body has supported me in this life!” ~Gloss Babe V

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“I chose to come to Gloss again because there ain’t no photos like Gloss photos!! The whole experience is so intimate, comfortable and FUN! This is a true super star team and the photos always feel so glamorous but authentic!” ~Gloss Babe V

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“I hadn’t had a photo shoot in a long while, and maternity shoots can bring up all sorts of feelings as you are taking a good look at the changes your body is going through. None of your clothes really fit (thank god for gorgeous sheets ;), and you are kind of always uncomfortable. But I was really excited to get in the room because I knew once we got started I would feel so happy and have the whole team cheering me on! The best part of having shot with Gloss before was I was able to go in with full trust that they would capture my essence above all, and I would feel beautiful with the final outcome!” ~Gloss Babe V

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“This is your ONE magical, short, imperfect life! When you look back on it, you will want to feel that you lived fearlessly and fully. Every Gloss shoot makes you feel that way, and if you have any hesitation, this is the perfect team to take you through it. You really have nothing to loose except your fears! Go get GLOSSED! I love getting my makeup and hair done! It makes you feel so pampered, relaxed and taken care of. You know you can trust that what you want to see in the photos will come to life, and it feels so nice at 7 months pregnant to just be taken care of for a bit!” ~Gloss Babe V

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“As the founder of Luminesque Dance, I have the most insanely lucky job of creating space for self-expression, sexual sovereignty and true joy. While I am a leader in that space, I find myself (just like any human) having insecure thoughts about the way my body changes as I get older, and the way I show up as a wife, mom and boss! But the truth is, the way through that uncomfortable feeling is to be witnessed how I truly feel and desire to be seen. Shooting with Gloss is one of the ways you can do that, and the empowerment that comes with having someone view your essence and softness through the lens, and show you what they see in a gorgeous photo, is incredible. Being pregnant does not take away my sexuality or dim my feminine expression. In fact, it adds a whole new layer. Thank you Gloss for allowing me to still feel my sensuality and connection to my body through this ever-changing experience. I am so grateful to have an image I can look back in after my son is born, that makes me remember how powerful I truly am. Love to each and every member of the Gloss team for helping women to feel that, each and every day.” ~Gloss Babe V

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