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“I love doing boudoir as I find it such a fun creative outlet that also leaves you feeling super empowered! I dress pretty casually regularly but I find with boudoir you can really get creative with the outfits and have fun playing with different visions of what you want your shoot to look like. I had my first shoot with gloss back in 2018! This session was my 4th one and will definitely not be my last! Everyone at Gloss is genuine, passionate and kind – no matter your style you are fully embraced for you and supported within your comfort zones. The month leading up to my shoot I was reflecting on how my body has changed these past two years and I was worried how my body would look different compared to my past shoots . I remember when I was leaving and I realized I didn’t even think about how my body looked for the camera ONCE! When the photos came – I felt great – I’M A BABE! ” ~Gloss Babe L

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“This was my 4th session so I was pretty excited to reunite with the women at Gloss – it feels like family! I do always overthink my outfits and often bring an extra one in case we like the vibe of that one more – the women at Gloss are always helpful with pumping me up and narrowing down what would look best on camera. The best part is always the excitement when you show up, the chats while getting your hair and make up done and my all time favorite is showing the outfits and accessories I had packed! All the squealing – it feels like a slumber party.”~ Gloss babe L

boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver

“As everyone else says – DO IT. We shop, we drink, we eat out – all in the name of trying to make life easy/make ourselves feel better. Save the money and do this – i guarantee the high lasts much longer.” ~Gloss Babe L

boudoir vancouver

We’re ready to have you at Gloss if you are ready to try a boudoir session for the first time! Click HERE to get in touch! It’s never too late, or too early to try boudoir, it’s ALWAYS the right time to feel good about yourself, boost your self-esteem and feel your absolute best. Let our professional team at Gloss help you get there!

Check out our behind the scenes videos here!

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