How many photos will you ACTUALLY like?

How many photos will you ACTUALLY like? Probably all of them! Did you know that nearly every client tells us that they aren't photogenic and they aren't sure they will like more than a few photos of themselves?


boudoir vancouver

Not only are you absolutely photogenic, you are worthy of loving yourself and loving photos of yourself! A selfie on your phone will never turn out the way a professional photographer can capture you with flattering poses, good lighting and amazing hair and makeup and you will be shocked at how many images you LOVE from your session. Yes, we said LOVE.

A few years ago we introduced the Pre-Purchase Perks program as a way to allow our clients the option to get more images in their package at up to 60% off and almost all of our clients take this opportunity.

You'll receive the deal once you are booked in for your Gloss photoshoot!

In the meantime, start wrapping your head around the fact that you are going to see a gallery of beautiful images of YOU and you are going to love them all. It's a beautiful feeling!

boudoir vancouver
boudoir vancouver
boudoir vancouver

How Many Photos Will You Actually Like?

We Think You'll Love Them All!

Learn more about our Perks Program HERE! See our packages HERE!

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