You've chosen your shoot date and paid your deposit..now you may be wondering,

"What the heck do I even wear for this photo shoot?"

Don't stress, we've got you covered! Below you'll find our favourite boudoir outfit ideas, including some pieces you just might already have in your closet.

What to Wear

Comfy and natural, glam vixen or maybe a little of both? You are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks! Even if you're feeling a little shy, we can help you feel comfortable so you can emulate the style you most want to show in your photos.

Plan to bring outfits you feel good in and fit you properly. Nobody cares if the underwear are a small or large...if it doesn't fit right, it shows! So get the size that fits best, cut off all the tags, and forget about what the label said 🙂 Choosing outfits that fit properly can mean the difference between looking fantastic and feeling frumpy.

Below you'll find a mix of classic boudoir outfit ideas, as well as some not-so-obvious options that you probably already own!


Why we love bodysuits:

Bodysuits are our most popular outfit choice at Gloss! Not only do they come in about a million different styles but they are universally flattering and create a beautiful long leg. If you want a more versatile look there are lots of bodysuit styles that you can pair with jeans or a skirt for a Saturday night look too, they're not just for the bedroom! Also a great reason to love bodysuits is the price point is reasonable for most styles and look great on everyone! When in doubt bring one along for your session, you can't go wrong!

garter set

Why we love a garter set:

A full garter set is about a sexy as it comes. We would say this is the most "classic" boudoir look and clients who are looking for a super sensual finish to their photos should definitely consider the garter look. Typically it comes in 3 pieces, your bra and panty set and the garter which we think looks best around your waist to cinch and elongate. Basic black is never basic with the garter set but it also comes in gorgeous rich colours and patterns. we *highly* recommend a garter set if you are looking for that seductive vibe.

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Why we love oversized shirts and jackets:

The most effortless boudoir look available. Most people have an oversized shirt, sweater or jacket in their closet so it makes for an easy outfit that makes you look cozy, strong and/or sexy! You can easily change the comfy vibe of your jacket/sweater by going naked underneath or pairing it with a beautiful bra or stockings. This outfit choice is perfect for those who don't want to stress about looking too "done" and want relaxed yet gorgeous images.

White Sheets or nude

Why we love the sheets & nudes:

What's not to love?! Over 85% of our clients choose to add-on our white sheet for good reason ~ the images are carefree, effortless and timeless. Whether you love moody bodyscapes, ethereal white sheet poses or sexy detail shots we will always shoot this 'outfit' in a fine art way that leaves something to the imagination (always classy!). We have clean white sheets here at Gloss so no need to bring your own.


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Why we love denim:

The easiest of all the outfit options and you are bound to have a favourite denim item in your closet whether it be jeans, shorts or a jacket! We love denim because it's uncomplicated and simple but looks fresh and modern in every shot. Denim is a must if you want your images to feel natural and casual but still sexy AF!

Fishnets & Tights

Why we love fishnets & tights:

The best $20 you will spend on an outfit for your shoot will be on a pair of racy fishnet stockings! If you are looking for more provocative images during your session, fishnets will take the sexy meter to 100.. instantly. One of our favourite outfit choices because it costs very little, looks good on everyone and amps up your poses. Most clients choose to do fishnets topless which is our recommendation but fishnets and tights also look great with a bra or crop top.


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Why we love robes:

Robes are easy to wear and easy to look fancy in! You can get robes for as little as $20 or as much as $1000 so they really are a versatile outfit choice. As you can see above, robes can give you an effortless "Sunday morning" look or they can create drama and fireworks. Available in so many beautiful colours and styles, a robe can be an outfit in itself or make a 2 piece outfit pop!

Shoes & Boots

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Why we love Shoes & Boots:

We LOVE a pointy toed shoe to elongate the legs and make you feel like a bombshell. If vixen is not your vibe then choose a black pump that goes with everything or even a cute sneaker! Shoes, like accessories, are really personal so bring what you love.. or go barefoot!


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Why we love them:

Accessories help show off the real YOU! Hats, jewelry, a veil, bondage wear, glasses ~ the list goes on and on. Bring accessories that you love and make you feel like you. We will help you incorporate them in to your session to make you shine. On the other side.. if you don't usually wear accessories then keeping the adornments to a minimum is suggested.. you may regret it if you buy something trendy. When in doubt go for timeless items or no accessories at all.

What not to Wear

Your boudoir photoshoot is all about you! If you feel like a smokeshow wearing a fluffy robe, or sneakers, or a hat, then go for it!

We don't believe that boudoir is one-style-fits-all, and we certainly won't steer you away from what makes you feel your sexiest. It's your photoshoot after all! Everyone is welcome at Gloss however they feel most comfortable.

Select outfits that make you feel beautiful and empowered when you put them on. Even if 'sexy' is a new concept you're trying out, you can never go wrong with outfits that are timeless and classic.

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